Rosemary/Sage Tincture

Rosemary/Sage Tincture

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Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts. They are a dietary supplement in a concentrated, shelf stable, liquid form.   You can add them to a tea, water, or take directly by putting the drops under your tongue.

My Rosemary and Sage are home grown without any chemicals. 

The Rosemary combats free radicals in the body (cancer causing) and works to clear chest congestion.  The properties in
Rosemary have a calming effect and eases anxiety.  It is also known to improve memory and alertness!

The Sage is an ideal cold and flue remedy due to anti bacterial properties.  It helps with menopausal hot flashes due to the cooling properties.  This herb has so many benefits in the body such as easing arthritis pain, and sore throat pain.

By blending together both Rosemary and Sage you have a brain booster tincture that helps our bodies cope with the stress of today's society.

The Tinctures come in 15 ml glass bottles with glass droppers and are safety sealed.

****if you are pregnant or nursing


      It will dry up breast milk