Picking The Right Salve

Here is a list of the properties of the different herbs and flowers used in the Oh My Goddess Salve and Lip Gloss....


After Sun Salve contains freshly harvested aloe and is soothing to the skin. This soaks in fast and your skin feels refreshed afterwards.  It contains just the right amount of shea butter and bees wax.

Bye Bye Buggies contains citronella and lavender along with lemon essential oil and gets those bugs to buzz off! I really stand behind this blend.  Instead of smearing chemicals on your skin use this.  It works really well in repelling  mosquitoes and flies.  We keep one in the camper and at home. Smells like fresh lemons.

Black Drawing Salve is made with dandelion infused oil, activated charcoal and colloidal oatmeal to help the body remove toxins. Dandelions have anti-inflammatory properties and provide some pain relief. This salve actually helps your body to pull out slivers-I know, I tried it!   Added a good gob of it, covered lightly with a band aid since I was going to bed. Re coated the next day when I got out of the shower and by that night the sliver was far enough out of the skin to see the edge and grab with tweezers.  One of those Go-To Remedies everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

Chaparral Salve contains a unique plant that grows in Arizona.  Chaparral smells like the desert after a good rain. It is a plant known to contain natural anti bacterial properties and heals minor scratches, cuts, and dry skin.  **This salve is safe for dogs!  Works great on minor scratches and soothing dry cracked paws!***

It is definitely Hershey approved,  he has bad allergies and plays rough in the yard. I am putting this on him at least once a week and he is an 8 pound fluff ball.

Lavender Salve is made with oil infused with French Lavender flowers and leaves that I grow in my garden. Very soothing scent that is great when you just need to unwind. Really good to use on the temples when you have a headache.

Mint and Mint Chest Rub are both made with fresh chocolate mint.  The chest rub also contains camphor and both are good for soothing sore muscles. Mint plant helps in reducing swelling and soothing itchy bug bites. The Camphor soaks into your skin and has a gently scent.

Rosemary Jubilee is a fun blend of fresh cut Rosemary, Chamomile, and Calendula. Chamomile for promoting healthy skin, Rosemary for reducing swelling and Calendula is known for having anti fungal- anti inflammatory- and antiseptic properties. AND this blend smells amazing!!  This is a really good blend for overall dry skin. Doesn't leave you feeling greasy- soaks in quickly.

Sunshine Salve and Vegan Sunshine Salve both contain Dandelion and Calendula infused oil.  Vegan salve is made using Carnuba wax instead of Beeswax.  The Carnuba wax makes the salve a bit more firm compared to Beeswax.  The Dandelions give this salve a bright natural yellow color. This is another salve that is really good for dry skin.  (personally, I use it after shaving and it helps prevent razor burn on my legs)


Rose Lip Gloss and Chap stick are both made using Rose infused oil blended with olive oil and sweet almond oil. I also add Rose Hip oil drops and vitamin E oil. Shea Butter, Coconut oil and a bit of beeswax make this feel amazing on your lips.  The coloring is edible coloring used in baking. This really does make you lips feel great, not at all sticky and just the right amount of shine.

The Chap stick leaves out the Shea Butter and has a bit more wax. It comes in a standard white tube with a safety seal.